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"Y3K : Dreamworlds" - Immersive Exhibition & Community Screening @ Klang River Festival 2023

Building upon the Y3K sci-fi film project produced by the VTOC students in collaboration with YWCA KL’s youth department in 2022, in September 2023 an immersive exhibition and community screening was organized entitled Y3K: Dreamworlds. This experimental exhibition sought to fuse together themes of environmentalism, art and education and was included in the line-up at the Klang River Festival 2023. Student talents from the 2023 cohort simulated characters from the Y3K dystopian world with short acts of dance, singing, and monologues when approached by exhibition guests traversing the maze-like exhibition space.

Y3K Dreamworlds: Immersive Exhibition & Community Screening was funded by YWCA KL & KongsiKL, and supported by Starbucks Malaysia.

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