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Flower Pop-Up Shop

On the 18th June 2018, we had the privilege of creating a floral pop up market for the Melium Group at Dome Cafe, BSC as part of our Social Enterprise initiatives - an educational and financial empowerment project whereby our VTOC students are given an opportunity to learn a skill and earn money for part-time work at the same time. Students were taught the art of floristry - how to make bouquets.

Guests of the Melium High Tea event were given a bouquet each and had the chance to make their own bouquets, assisted by the YWCA team. Vibrant Colors and festive air brought smiles and joy to young and old alike and all flowers were gone by the end of the event. Students showed amazing fortitude throughout the project which culminated in applause from the guest at the end of the event. The YWCA of KL is proud of them and hopes that they can use what they have learned from this experience to further their futures.

We would like to express our gratitude to Dato Seri Farah Khan and Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir for their continued support of the YWCA KL Social Enterprise.

Photo Credits:

Colin Heng (Preparation photos)

Allisamazing (Event photos)

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