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International Women's Day 2023

This is what we talked about - why we should celebrate how far we've come as women, and how we can all Embrace Equity in our own circles of influence. YWCA KL's IWD event on 8th March 2023 drew together various women for a morning of sharings and learnings.

Datin Sheila Christine Devaraj sharing on the meaning and nuances of the word "equity" as opposed to the more familiar "equality". Volunteers enacted a "Race to Success" where participants were given notecards describing varying socio-economic backgrounds and disadvantaged family lives in contrast to a few who had better opportunities having lived in 'normal' homes. The activity really brought home the blatant disparity between the haves and have-nots - clearly underscoring that there is no "level playing field".

Sheila highlighted that while equality is the goal, equity is actually the means to get there. It is through the process of equity that we can reach equality.

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