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Spirit of Things: Community Upcycling Project

Spirit of Things is an advocacy video project intended to address the impact human activities are having on the environment, while offering viable solutions that society can accept and adopt.

A collaboration with Project SEA*5, YWCA KL's Vocational Training Opportunity Centre (VTOC) and other local creatives, and co-funded by Mekong Cultural Hub and British Council, SOT is part of YWCA KL's aim to engage global issues with a larger community.

Themes of upcycling and social enterprise are explored as a means to reduce consumption by reusing or repurposing materials, giving them a second life.

In line with the New Normal - the rise of entertainment inclusion into video content necessary in an online world, and to promote this philosophy among mainstream society, mainstream media are selected as a medium of communication.

Hence a music video and documentary was conceptualized which features a collection of contemporary upcycled streetwear and accessories.

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